Video: Street Machine Summernats day one

Join Telfo and Gus for a sneak peek at what's about to go down at Summernats 35, thanks to Rockynats 2023!

Photographers: Chris Thorogood

Street Machine Summernats 35 is going to be a monster event! Entrant passes sold out well in advance – 2700 of ’em! – ticket sales are through the roof and tonight we’ll be seeing the largest unveiling of brand-new stunners we’ve had to date.

With the Meguiar’s Great Uncover moved to Thursday, the Top 60 Hall was a flurry of activity, as just under 30 unveil cars were hustled into place and detailed to within an inch of their lives.

In this video, we chat to a fine bunch of entrants as they bring their rides through scrutineering. There is something for everyone, including a WRX!

Tomorrow’s schedule is a big ‘un, with the City Cruise, Last Chance Wildcard Burnout comp and those unveilings. Phew!