Street judging at Summernats 35

The Street class at Summernats 35 was awash with precious metal

Photographers: Chris Thorogood

The most relatable and approachable judging class at Street Machine Summernats is the Street class, but don’t go thinking that it’s populated by roughies.

Such was the level of quality this year that you could be excused for thinking that the Top 30 Street display was overflow from the Top 60 Elite Hall. There were two Street Machine of the Year winners and countless SM feature cars in the mix, for starters.

Perennial Street-class player Peter Sidoti was back with his blacker-than-black Mustang and picked up a couple of dust-collectors for his trouble, but two other cars emerged as dominant forces in the judging.

Jason Hannam’s Sting Red Torana presented impeccably, scoring Top Engine Bay, Top Standard Paint, Top Sedan and 2nd Top Bodywork – a big haul.

But the big Street-class gong went the way of Nick Chronopoulos with his immaculate VL Calais. Aside from Top Judged Street, the Harrop-blown LS-powered VL also picked up Top Engineering, Top Modified, 2nd Top Engine Bay, 2nd Top Interior and 2nd Top Special Effects Paint. Here’s hoping he has a decent-sized trophy cabinet at home!

It’s safe to say that the quality of genuine street-driven cars in Australia has never been higher, and we reckon that’s worth celebrating.


Lee Payne’s staunch 540ci fatty-powered second-gen Camaro has a timeless look to it with its Miami Blue-Green duco, vinyl roof and businesslike stance. The 800hp toughie earned the Top Coupe award.

Garry Podbevsek’s two-tone VH Commodore SL/E is an epic street car. Sporting an RB30/Powerglide combo with a very large spooly boi hanging off the side, the car puts out an impressive 725hp at the hubs.

Powered by a good old-fashioned carby-fed Holden V8 with all the trimmings, Jason Hannam’s Torana attracted plenty of silverware. Jason dragged the Torry across from South Australia, and the thing was immaculate from front to back. Of particular note was the beautifully finished, body-coloured boot area.

It seems like Rob Belsito’s beautiful Walky-powered LJ Torana has been around since the dawn of time, but it continues to age like a fine wine. It picked up the Top Retrotech award at Summernats 35, proving it still has the chops to figure in the results all these years later.

The Velkovski lads from Melbourne know a thing or two about bolting together a tough LC Torana, with this gorgeous RB-powered example breaking cover at Summernats 35 and nabbing 2nd Top Standard Paint in the judging.

Nick Chronopoulos’s gorgeous VL Calais was the big dog of the Street class, claiming a total of six awards including Top Judged Street. The Calais is powered by a 2650 Harrop-blown, Warspeed-prepped 440ci LS and built by the ProFlo Performance team, and we’ll bring you a feature on it soon.

David Graham’s FATFC looks as tough as ever.


Top Exhibition

Ben Gosper
PPG Black with Screemin Yellow Stripes 2021 Absolute Pace Cobra roadster

Top Engine Bay

Winner: Jason Hannam
Sting Red 1976 Holden Torana sedan

2nd: Nick Chronopoulos
1986 Holden VL Calais
Custom mixed by Nick toether with Danny at custom body works

3rd: Darryn Wishart

Blue Shift Pearl 1972 Torana LJ coupe

Top Interior

Winner: Grant Peters
Sonic Titanium 1978 Ford Cortina sedan

2nd: Nick Chronopoulos
1986 Holden VL Calais

3rd: Peter Sidoti
Midnight Black 1965 Ford Mustang coupe

Top Special Effects Paint

Winner: Morris Markovic
Cherry Cordial Candy PPG Vibrance 1983 Ford Falcon sedan

2nd: Nick Chronopoulos
1986 Holden VL Calais

3rd: Terrance Keys
PPG Lemon Ice Tea 1984 Holden VK sedan

Top Standard Paint

Winner: Jason Hannam
1976 Holden Torana sedan

2nd: Kris Velkovski
1971 Holden Torana coupe

3rd: Graham Miller
Ice Blue 1964 Holden EH sedan

Top Bodywork

Winner: Danny Board
Formula Blue 1985 Holden VK ute

2nd: Jason Hannam
1976 Holden Torana sedan

3rd: Darryn Wishart
1972 Torana LJ coupe

Top Engineering

Nick Chronopoulos
1986 Holden VL Calais

Top Modified

Nick Chronopoulos
986 Holden VL Calais

Top Retro Tech

Robert Belsito
Nightfire Pearl metallic 1972 Holden LJ TR Torana coupe

Top Hot Rod

Frank Marciano
Bionic Blue 1932 Ford coupe 3-window

Top Authentic/Restored

Christopher Coomas
Two-tone 1955 Chevrolet 210 Sportscoupe

Top Factory Production Muscle Car

Danny Board
Kashmir White 1969 Holden HT GTS Monaro

Top Custom

Jasmine Green
Rescue Green 1991 Toyota Hilux utility

Top Ute/Pickup

Chad Ribbons
Green 1965 Holden HD ute

Top Station Wagon

Graham Horne
Jade Green metalic 1963 Holden EH station wagon

Top Van

Greg Green
Strata Blue 1961 Holden EK panel van

Top Tudor

Winner: Matthew Gilkes
Champion Yellow 1977 Holden LX Torana hatchback

Top Coupe

Winner: Lee Payne
Miami Blue/Green 1971 Chevrolet Camaro coupe

2nd: Peter Sidoti
1965 Ford Mustang coupe

3rd: Daniel Berry
Black 1973 Holden HQ coupe

Top Sedan

Winner: Jason Hannam
1976 Holden Torana sedan

2nd: Terrance Keys
PPG Lemon Ice Tea 1984 Holden VK

3rd: Tom Lane
Alpine White 1987 Holden Calais

Top Judged Street

Nick Chronopoulos
1986 Holden VL Calais