Check out the 27 Last Chance Wildcard contenders, all fighting for just three last spots in the Burnout Masters at Street Machine Summernats 31

Videographers: Peter Flint

WE spent today at Canberra Institute of Technology, hanging out as the students, teachers, Phil Kerjean, various helpers and a couple of blokes called Farmtruck and AZN were busy thrashing on a ratty Chev C10.

The Street Outlaws stars are entered in the Last Chance Wildcard shootout at Street Machine Summernats 31, hoping to get a shot at one of the last three spots in next year’s Burnout Masters competition. The truck only been in the country for three weeks and time is ticking!

Things are looking good though, with the fuel system plumbing all done and the wiring nearly there. When we left today, the truck was sitting on its wheels, but there are still a heap of little jobs to do. You can check out the specs here.

Getting the Skidtruck built in record time is one thing, the real challenge will be taking on 25 battle-proven burnout fiends from Australian and New Zealand for a spot in the Burnout Masters – as well as fellow yank, Cleetus McFarland.

The complete list is below and check out the video to see exactly what they’re up against!

1. Peter Grumsa ATRISK (VIC)

2. Cleetus MacFarland (USA)

3. Dwayne Pallentine PEPER IT (WA)

4. Farmtruck & AZN SKIDTRUCK (USA)

5. Michael Sheridan 1 ANGRY UC (SA)

6. Ryan Pearson HOLDON (NSW)

7. Todd Kopelke NVY DIS (QLD)

8. Warren Gersekowski 1TUFHG (QLD)

9. Jake Higgs FOGGIN (WA)

10. Nick Smith JOBZON (WA)

11. Jake Myers S1CKO (NSW)

12. Jay Bloss GEMWAR (VIC)

13. David Cufone 1FATRAT (SA)

14. Paul Cook BLWNVC (VIC)

15. Ross Heasley MRBADQ (VIC)

16. Harry seaman HAZARD (NSW)

17. Clayton Barbara UP4WAR (VIC)

18. Darren Williams DIESEL (WA)

19. Jeremy Bond FAT WH (NSW)

20. Chris Orchard BALLISTIC (WA)

21. Jason Schmidt FRASHER (VIC)

22. Chris Genter FROM HELL (NSW)

23. Nath James OVRCAST (NSW)

24. Jono Kelly 3FIVES (SA)

25. Ian Smith SAMBOS (NZ)

26. Liz Gracie EVIL69 (NZ)

27. Matt Lunney FLIRT (VIC)