Dwane Pallentine's PEPER IT Torana goes up in flames at the Summernats burnout comp


DWANE Pallentine was part of the big West Australian crew that made the trek over to Street Machine Summernats 31 in Canberra. Dwane was part of the Last Chance Wildcard Shootout on Thursday afternoon and he put on a clinic in his blown and injected 377ci LH Torana PEPER IT, taking one of the three Burnout Masters spots up for grabs, giving him the chance to qualify for the big show on Sunday. Not bad for his first ever skid on the Summernats burnout pad.

On Saturday PEPER IT hit the pad at full force with a high-speed tip-in, huge smoke and aggression and impressive use of the pad. When he came up the entry road and whipped the Torana around the show really started as the tyres lit up and started spraying flames across the burnout pad. It seemed to be a common spot for the burnout cars to catch fire, possibly due to the rubber dust that was collecting down that end of the pad, plus Dwane’s Torana has had a habit of catching fire since coming on the seen around twelve months ago.

This year at Summernats the entrants were warned about tyre fires and red flagged by the marshals as soon as the smoke turned to flames. That meant Dwane was forced to stop the burnout before he was able to get the tyres off and didn’t score well enough to make it through to the top ten Burnout Masters shootout. Fortunately damage to the car was minimal, but Dwane didn’t send it out again in the Burnout Championship on Sunday.