Lynchy pulls off one the most insane burnouts ever during the Summernats 30 Burnout Masters final


ANDREW Lynch is one of the most exciting burnout drivers in the scene. While he may not have the most horsepower under the bonnet of his little Corolla, the way he attacks the pad with zero cares is unlike anyone else. Always a crowd favourite, Lynchy had produced the performance of the weekend in the Burnout Masters eliminations at Street Machine Summernats 30.

For his finals tilt Lynchy produced the best burnout of his career – some say the best burnout they have ever seen – with a simply awesome driving display. On tip in he flew straight past the bowl and looped around down the exit road!

It’s unlikely that anyone has ever steered a wilder ride at Summernats, but with driving skill just 40 per cent of total points awarded he had to make up on a whole bunch of smoke on the blown cars. “At the end of the day, it’s a burnout competition and making the most smoke possible is more important than wheel work,” reckoned Summernats veteran Arby.

He couldn’t make up the deficit, plus points were deducted for rear wheels crossing the end of the burnout pad and apparently he just grazed the wall at one point. That damage on the front passenger side of the Corolla was caused by someone running into Lynchy on the cruise route – maybe it helped him avoid the wall near the end of his skid!

Lynchy may not have placed in the top three for the Street Machine Summernats 30 Burnout Masters, but he deffinitely won over the punters with one of the craziest rides around the burnout pad in Summernats history.