The world’s biggest burnout series had had a shake up for 2016 – here’s everything you need to know!


THERE are burnout comps, there are epic burnout comps and then there’s the Street Machine Summernats Burnout Masters – the toughest of the tough.

Summernats -burnout -masters -toranaCompetitors come from every state and territory to have a shot at the title, including folk who haul their cars from Western Australia. That is a serious commitment! These hardened skid warriors don’t come for the cash money, though. The $30,000 prize pool is impressive, but what draws them in is the knowledge that the 29 competitors who face down on the final day of Summernats 30 will be the best of the best.

Summernats -burnout -mastres -falconThere are only a few ways to make the cut, and they don’t involve begging, bribery or tears. For starters, those that gained a Top Five finish at Summernats 29 or placed in the top three of the Burnout Championships get an automatic pass – after brutalising their cars to finish so well at ’Nats 29, they deserve it! That means Andrew Pool’s IBLOWN, Brett Battersby’s BLNLUX, Jake Myers’s SICKO, Peter Grmusa’s ATRISK, Ryan Pearson’s HOLDON, Darren Bromage’s SMOKINU, Matthew Cowan’s ONIT and Dom Luci’s LITMUP are already in.

Summernats -burnout -masters -wbThat leaves 21 spots, and the only way to get one is to kick total arse at one of the 11 qualifying events throughout 2016.

Televised events including Burnout King in WA, Brashernats in Sydney and Red CentreNATS in NT will have three tickets available. UBC Victoria and Gazzanats WA will have two tickets each, while Lardner Park, Street Machine Supernats, Tropical Meltdown, Burnout Outlaws and Tread Cemetery will have just one ticket each up for grabs. Phew!

Summernats -burnout -masters -premierThe upshot is that the Burnout Masters process is automotive natural selection at work, putting hundreds of Australia’s best car-and-driver combinations through a meat grinder with only the fittest emerging to front the crowd at Summernats 30.

Davonats -mustangIt’s so brutal there have been concerns that normally aspirated cars are being lost in the mix amongst the ever-growing legion of blown and injected monsters. To allay those fears, the Burnout Masters crew has tweaked the rules to mandate that a minimum of five aspirated cars will score an invitation to the final, with the winners of the aspirated classes at UBC Victoria, Gazzanats WA, Burnout King WA, Brashernats Sydney and Red CentreNATS all instantly qualifying for the masters.

Davonats -hiluxThere is already one aspirated car in the mix – Dom Luci’s LITMUP – so we’re going to see a greater variety of cars competing in the Burnout Masters than ever before. As an added bonus, for those events occurring prior to the Red CentreNATS (2-4 September), the first three places in the blown class (or first three places outright in the case of there not being separate classes) will receive an invitation and towage incentive to compete in the Red CentreNATS Burnout Masters class in Alice Springs.


UBC Victoria:

13 Feb
Tickets: 1 Blown; 1 NA

Gazzanats WA:

26-28 Feb
Tickets: 1 Blown; 1 NA

Lardner Motorfest:

12-13 Mar
Tickets: 1 Overall

Burnout King:

25 Mar
Tickets: 2 Blown; 1 NA


23 April
Tickets: 1 Overall

Brashernats Syd:

12 June
Tickets: 2 Blown; 1 NA

Tropical Meltdown:

13 Aug
Tickets: 1 Overall

Burnout Outlaws:

Tickets: 1 Overall

Red CentreNATS:

2-4 Sept
Tickets: 2 Blown; 1 NA

Tread Cemetery:

15 Nov
Tickets: 1 Team Nomination

Summernats 30:

5-8 Jan
Tickets: 3 Wildcards


matt purnell burnout king perth 2 nwSTREET MACHINE SUMMERNATS 31

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