LS-swapped Suzuki Swift at Summernats 36

Young gun Jack Mill dared to bring a bright yellow Suzuki Swift to ’Nats 36 – complete with LS swap!

Photographers: Shaun Tanner

Twenty-two-year-old Jack Mill is a Street Machine Summernats regular and former Young Gun with his rad, low-buck VS ute, and this year he’s upped the ante with another LS swap into something totally different.

This angry, yet tidy and well-disguised Suzuki Swift instantly caught our eye when we saw it ripping up Skid Row on day one of Summernats 36, so we chased Jack to the car wash bays to find out more!

This is awesome, mate! What’s the story of the build?

We were looking around on Marketplace for something that’s tiny and that somebody’s never done. One popped up for $500; it was a paddock-basher. We couldn’t go wrong. It was running and driving, so I picked it up and got started. It was red, so we had to paint it the iconic Suzuki Swift yellow! It’s been all together for two weeks. I built the thing in 10 months in the back shed with my brother and my old man. Its first event was the test-and-tune at Leeton, and now I’m here for the big leagues!

I assume there’s an LS under there, judging by the noise!

It’s a semi-built LS1 with a two-speed Powerglide and Ford nine-inch. It’s got airbags, a Commodore K-frame and struts, four-link – the whole lot! It’s all under-bonnet; there’s not a single thing sticking out. The bonnet and boot latches still work; the windows all still work. It’s got every bit of interior we could keep – even the radio works.”

Who put it all together?

I’ve done most of the fabrication and metalwork. My brother’s a panel beater, so he did the paint and panel; my old man helped design the four-link brackets and all that shit, then helped me get it here. I’m only an electrician and mechanic, so they help with getting the little shit sorted. It’s pretty well a shed-built car.

Any really hard parts to work out?

Just trying to make everything work: the firewall, four-link and tubs. The only factory part in the front is the tubs; everything else is pretty well chopped out. If you aired it up and put on some stockies with hubcaps, you’d never really know from the outside. It’d be mint.

How’s your ’Nats been so far?

I took it on Skid Row once in the morning and it liked it. We’re gonna cruise it around today, then put it on the pad tomorrow morning at 11 to see how it goes!