Some tough cars from King of the Street at Ballarat Airport


WHEN it comes to street car events, Tunnel Vision’s King of the Street is one of the most anticipated, at least in Victoria. The aim? To bring street-style racing to a safe environment and find out who really has the quickest true street car. Jason Kenny won the first event in his VN Commodore, followed by Frank Marchese with two wins on the trot in his insane twin turbo XW Falcon. Frank didn’t make it to this year’s event at Ballarat Airport, throwing the field wide open.

 Jason Walter was having traction issues with his nitrous-assisted 363ci XY ute in the practice session but it came good for the heads up racing. This eleven-second ute was even able to beat the normally much quicker twin-turbo Chev-powered Ford Capri – it shows the no prep track is the ultimate equalizer!

 Jason Ruby’s Nissan Silvia was the ultimate winner of the event. It has been converted to all-wheel drive using R32 GT-R running gear and an R33 gearbox behind the built RB30/25 engine. It’s boosted by a Precision 76/75 turbo and makes around 900hp at all four wheels! Jason took home $4000 for his work

 Vince Riccotti’s TC Cortina was finished just in time for King of the Street. Previously the GT42-boosted single cam Falcon six-cylinder ran on LPG like our Turbo Taxi, however Vince has since switched to E85 and Jason from Tunnel Vision had it ready just in time. The car previously ran 9.4@146 and made 800rwhp on LPG.

 Phil Gordon made it all the way through to the semi-final with his 598ci big-block Chev-powered HQ sedan. Ultimately he got beaten by Jason’s Silvia, but third place isn’t a bad day’s work

 Luke Foley looked like a serious contender on paper having just run a PB of 8.46@163mph the weekend before KOTS in his twin-turbo LS-powered VH Commodore. “I reckon the higher altitude made the car really lazy coming up on the two-step, back in Geelong at sea level it came up in a couple of seconds.” That meant he was caught out off the line in the first round by Phil Gordon and his big-block HQ.

 As well as running the event, Jason Ghiller from Tunnel Vision had his Barra-powered XD Falcon out for a play. He had a couple of pretty wild runs in practice, but in the final he was having issues with his transbrake releasing prematurely and was knocked out in the first round

 Bill Abdou’s Mustang was one of the tidiest cars out racing at King of the Street #4, it’s powered by a nitrous 347ci Windsor with RHS heads, features monster Harrop brakes, McDonald Bros four-link and a lot of custom parts from Tool Tech Engineering. It makes 450rwhp plus a 150 shot of giggle gas – plenty to make this a tough cruiser

 Rohan Hutson brought his tough nitrous 383-powered ’55 Chev out for a spin which is another cool genuine streeter that does a lot of street kilometres. Rohan took part in Street Machine Drag Challenge last year and ran a PB of 10.90 during the five-day adventure. Now he’s getting ready to do it all again next month for DC 2018.

 Shaun Cole’s genuine eight-second RB30 turbo-powered streeter has recently had a freshen up by Jason at Tunnel Vision. It’s obviously making plenty of grunt because she was hard to keep in a straight line!

 Wayne Tennent’s black HQ Monaro was back for the first time after couple of years off and looking tougher than ever. The GTX55 boosted LSX has a 8.59 at 162mph PB its name

 Santo Gatto’s XR Falcon is packing a 650hp 438ci Cleveland running a 150 shot of nitrous and it’s backed by a Powerglide trans

 Zoran Makarovski from Competition Engines is another organiser of King of the Street and he had his XB Coupe out on track. “I built this car nine years ago, raced it for four years and it has sat under a cover since then, so this year we decided to get it going again,” said Zoran. “We added a nitrous kit to it, new converter and diff gears and that’s it. We’ve gone 9.20 @ 150mph so far.”

 You’ll find a Chevy small-block under the bonnet of George Chalikouras’s Ford Capri and it’s boosted by not one but two Garrett GT35 turbos and making north of 1000hp

 Andrew Martin’s tough HT sedan runs a 710hp 420ci small-block Chev, Powerglide and nine-inch. It’s run a best of 9.77 @ 138mph and just lost to Dom Zito’s Torana by a car length in the second round