Highball Cars & Coffee #7

Melbourne's favourite cars and coffee event was a ray of sunshine before lockdown


How quickly things change! Last Sunday, thousands of Melbourne’s car lovers flocked to the Highball Motor Club’s seventh Cars & Coffee at Bosch Automotive HQ in Clayton. And this weekend, we’re locked down again. Easy come, easy go!

The great thing about Highball’s events is that every genre of car is welcome, which makes for a stunning automotive smorgasbord.

This time, over 800 cars filled the venue, soon after the event opened at 8am. Super-efficient COVID-19 marshalls worked to made sure everyone was checked in, while the baristas kept the coffess coming flat out.

The club donated $2000 to the EndUCD (End Unexplained Cardiac Deaths) charity, raised from a portion of coffee and snag sales on the day.

The next gig on Highball’s calendar is an All Nissan Day, at Bosch HQ 25 July. All of our fingers and toes are crossed it will go ahead!