Rolling 30 Cars and Coffee 2022

The ultimate cars and coffee event ready to rock this Saturday at Sydney Motorsport Park


Cars and Coffee gatherings are a favourite for us car tragics, particularly those of the classic persuasion who love to chin-wag about our automotive obsession to no end.

Unique Cars Magazine has been to enough classic car rendezvous over the years, they figured it was time to get their hands dirty and host their own shindig, Rolling 30. In what they’ve dubbed a “cars and coffee on steroids,” Rolling 30 removes the static nature of most car shows by bringing the whole charade to a race track.

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Any cars stamped 30 years or older are welcome to attend, regardless of make, model, modified or stocker. All entrants are offered the opportunity to cut some cruisey laps around the track or simply enjoy the sights and sounds of some of Australia’s best cars with a hot brew in hand.

2019 saw the first running of Rolling 30 at Sydney Motorsport Park to a huge reception. After a COVID-inspired break in 2020 and 2021, we’re back this Saturday at SMP.

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With a pair of ultra-rare XA Falcon GTHO Phase IV’s headlining 2019’s Rolling 30, plus hot laps, trader stands, and Unique Cars, Wheels and Street Machine on the hunt for potential feature cars, you’ll want to make sure you get along to these ones.

Gates open to spectators at 8.30am and entry is free! See you there.