Seven-second Supra at Hot Rod Drag Week – Video

A BIG V8 donk is usually the go-to for a stout low-seven-second Hot Rod Drag Week package, but Geo Castillo and Jay Meagher built a Toyota Supra, which you can’t really stick a V8 into without upsetting just about everyone

Videographers: Matt Reekie

You have to run a Toyota 2JZ six, so Geo and Jay built a 3.2-litre stroker motor with an 88mm Precision turbo and a little bit of nitrous on top of that. So it has the berries.

Toyota SupraThe 2JZ is backed by a TH400 three-speed auto, which runs into a solid-axle rear end. The IRS caused too many headaches drag racing, so they cut it out in favour of an old-school nine-inch and four-link, equipped with a radial tyre.

Toyota SupraSo far the car has gone a best of 7.03 down the quarter on a slick tyre. For Drag Week they swapped to a smaller radial and ran a best of 7.55 with traction issues at a lot of the tracks.

The road driving was pretty hard on the car. Towing a trailer and running a big turbo meant the Supra didn’t have a lot of low-end torque, so the hilly road course put constant strain on the motor and gearbox. The team battled overheating dramas all week, melted components, ran with no bonnet, and Jay reckons they warped the block before the final day.

Toyota SupraBut in the spirit of Drag Week, they decided to send it anyway and finish the event, running a nine-second pass on the hurt motor.