Rob Tansey’s 1958 Corvette at Drag Week – video

THESE days, most of the classic Corvettes you see are restored to showroom condition and cruising to and from classic car meets.

Videographers: Matt Reekie

Rob Tansey’s ’58 ’Vette, however, flies in the face of convention. As he puts it, “You can go out and buy a stock Corvette any day of the week, but you’ll never see one like this”.

Rob Tansey CorvetteBuilt as a gasser back in the 60s, the front suspension has been replaced with a solid axle, and Rob has stuffed a 750hp, 400ci blown small-block Chevy into the engine bay. Both the dash and roof are custom painted in a combination of red and gold flake that’s period perfect, while the rear flanks are plastered with the car’s ‘GateKeeper’ moniker; one Rob hasn’t seen on any other Gasser.

Rob Tansey CorvetteSadly, Rob’s ambition of running tens and just having a good time at Hot Rod Drag Week was cut short as he battled fuel injection issues. Only recording ETs at Atlanta and Charlotte, Rob’s best for the week was an 11.0. We’re hoping the car makes a comeback in 2019 to put the wind up the traditionalists again.