Pro Street Nationals

THE Street Machine Pro Street Nationals is Australia's longest-running and most prestigious race


THE Street Machine Pro Street Nationals is Australia’s longest-running and most prestigious race meet for Pro Street cars, having begun way back in 1994 as the Performance Streetcar Shootout.

The cars have got a lot quicker since then and while many of them are too wild to see street duty these days, they remain grass-roots machines that your average punter can relate to.

The best thing about Pro Street racing is that it is run heads-up – which means handicaps aren’t used – so first across the line wins. The cars are broken up into classes – Pro Street for cars with big rear tyres, Mod Street for small tyre cars, Radial for cars running on street-legal rubber and True Street for more street-level machines.

Pro Street was dominated by Victorian Dominic Luppino. Dominic’s twin turbo Mustang is a state-of-the-art US car and ran as quick as 204mph in testing. Mod Street Blown remained the hands of Johnnie Wilson’s STAUNCH Torana, while Mod Street Aspirated was won by West Aussie hero Chris Biddle.

For all the results, see the May 2010 issue of SM.