All the action from the round five of the APSA national series at Willowbank Raceway

Photographers: Steve Kelly

Domenic Luppino set one of the fastest times in Aussie radial racing history at the APSA Pro Street Shootout at Willowbank earlier this month. He ran a best of [email protected] mph in the second round after nailing a [email protected] in the first.

LJ Torana CULPRIT 3537 NwThere was plenty of action elsewhere, with Tony Webb taking victory over Mark Vander Togt in the X275 final, making him now unbeatable in the points. Webb’s Torana LJ Torana uses 355ci Holden V8 with rear-mounted 80 mm Borgwarner turbos. Consistency is the key, between the test day before and race day, the team made 15 passes, all between 8.50-8.70.

XW Falcon Drag Car 2851 NwMark Vander Togt came runner up in the X275 class with his twin-turbo 408-cube Dart block-powered XW Falcon. It made a best pass of 8.54@165mph in street trim, with full exhaust on pump E85 fuel.

Holden Monaro Drag Race 3479 NwCraig Hewitt’s Monaro is powered by a 511ci Hemi with a 14/71 Kobelco Superman High Helix blower strapped on. It has run well into the sixes and won the Pro Street Blown gong.

LX Torana Hatch Drag Race 3184 NwSporting a new Brocky livery, Karl Wicht’s Pro-Charged 555-cube LX hatch came runner up in Pro Street Blown.

HG Holden Drag 3082 NwScott Cortina’s Nitrous-snorting big-block HG Kingswood ran a personal best of 7.70@173mph, and cleaned up in MSB.

Pontiac GTO Drag 3147 NwNeil Maxwell’s ex Pro-Stock car Pontiac GTO came runner up in Outlaw Extreme and is powered by an aspirated 1000+hp big-block and ran low sevens all day.

XY Falcon Drag Car 2819 NwShaun Hale’s single turbo Windsor-powered Falcon set a new personal best on the EFI setup of 8.73@155mph.

Ford Mustang Drag Race 3200 NwCorey Darke’s Aussie Ford turbo 4.0-litre-powered Fox Body Mustang ran 8.8@157mph.

Ford Cortina Drag Car NwTim Cross’s twin-turbo Ford Cortina laid down a 7.0@205mph in testing on Friday on 275 radials.

Ford Falcon Drag Car 2795 NwThe wheel standing aspirated 440-cube XD Falcon of Mark Sugars ran 9.44@142mph in True Street Class.

LC Torana Drag 2976 NwAndrew Milford’s Nitrous 452-cube LC Torana was seriously quick and ran 7.69@176mph.

HQ Holden Coupe 3055 NwMichael Headley’s neat turbo LS-powered HQ Monaro made a best pass of 9.32@153mph in the X275 class.

VL Commodore Turbo Drag Car NwGoran Ivanovic’s VL Comoodore packs an LS motor with a GTX50 turbo strapped on. Due to the size of the turbo he had to run in Outlaw Radial class and went 8.92@152mph but unfortunately had to retire later in the day.

Nissan Bluebird Drag Car 3556 NwMatt McCarthy’s cool 400-cube twin-turbo small block Chev-powered Nissan Bluebird ran in the sevens.

Toyota Corolla Drag Race 3222 NwScott Hoffman’s 2JZ-powered KE20 Corolla packs a Billet Specialties turbo and hadn’t run since the Jamboree last year. He wound up with an 8.12@178mph.

Toyota Hilux Drag Car NwChris Heit’s blown Toyota 1UZFE V8-powered Hilux ute ran a best of 10.08@136mph.