We count down through the top ten cars to finish Drag Challenge 2016


DRAG Challenge is the toughest event you can do with your street car in Australia – less than 80 cars finished from over 100 starters this year. Just finishing is a massive achievement, but to finish in the Top Ten just amazing and as you can see from our video you had to be in the eights to feature.

Now anyone with half a brain can tell you that running eights in a street driven car is pretty insane, but driving that same car over 1500km and racing on five tracks in five days is even crazier. That’s what Drag Challenge is all about.

This year the Top Ten was an all Holden affair and eight of those were sporting LS combinations, with a mix of both supercharged and turbocharged engines. Last year we saw a mix of blown and unblown vehicles in the top runners, but this time around if you didn’t have forced induction you weren’t in the hunt for the overall prize.

Consistency is key with drag racing and Drag Challenge proves that better than most events. As you will see from the video, the eventual winner Brenden ‘Bubba’ Medlyn won overall despite not being the quickest car on the track, but running consistently in low-eights with the Holden-powered Commodore kept him at the top of the list all week. The other non-LS powered car ran the quickest single pass of Drag Challenge – that being Jarrod Wood’s twin turbo big block Chev-powered Holden Tonner. Jarrod ran 7.71@184mph to claim both ends of the Drag Challenge record and join Terry Seng and Adam Rogash in the Drag Challenge Seven Second Club.

Check out the video as we count down through the Top Ten cars to finish Drag Challenge 2016. The Ford guys will have to lift their game next year.


1st Brenden ‘Bubba’ Medlyn

2nd Adam Rogash

3rd Mark Drew

4th Terry Seng

5th Jarrod Wood

6th Brendan Cherry

7th Graeme Horner

8th Luke Grima

9th Luke Foley

10th Todd Foley