Surviving a week of Drag Challenge – Video

The guys from Haltech spend the week with MPW’s Adam Rogash to see how tough a week of Drag Challenge torture really is

Photographers: Chris Thorogood, Bright Design

OUR Street Machine Drag Challenge is one of the toughest street-car events in the country, forcing sub-12-second cars to drive over 1500km to race at five drag strips in five days, in order to see who has Australia’s quickest (and most durable) street car.

Luke from Haltech decided that he wanted a slice of this action, so for Drag Challenge 2018 he traded his usual IT office department seat to spend the week riding shotgun with MPW Performance’s Adam Rogash in Adam’s formidable VK Commodore, ALLSHOW. With a twin-turbo Dart LS block and the ability to run consistently in the sevens, ALLSHOW has taken on DC a number of times and the MPW boys have truckloads of experience, so it should have been a nice smooth introduction for Luke, right? Wrong. This is Drag Challenge, so things never go to plan.

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Luke documented the boys’ wins and losses on the road as they battled electronic gremlins, human error, torque converter dramas and even the weather. Before DC 2018, Adam had gone through the car and fitted a bunch of new Haltech sensors, which both he and Luke used to diagnose all their issues pretty swiftly. Even the need to replace a torque converter at the side of the road late on Thursday night didn’t deter the boys, who used all their available resources to push through the week on an average of just three hours’ sleep.

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Adam laid down a bunch of solid times during the week. His quickest over the 1000ft at Calder Park was 6.51@166mph, backed up by a 5.26@142mph over the eighth-mile in Mildura and a 7.87@179mph quarter-mile pass at Swan Hill. This meant a finish of fourth overall, and third in the highly competitive Haltech Radial Blown class, making for a strong finish for Adam and MPW. It isn’t clear yet what Adam’s intentions are for this year’s DC, but Luke has already flagged his interest in returning to represent Haltech once again.

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Entries are now open for our shorter Drag Challenge Weekend, which takes place 3-6 May in Queensland. And make sure you stay glued to our website and socials for news on Drag Challenge 2019, coming soon.