Two twin-turbo LS Commodores prepare for Drag Challenge 2018 – Video

Two twin-turbo LS Commodores prepare for Drag Challenge 2018 – Video


THE boys at MPW Performance in Dandenong have two of the quickest LS-powered early Commodore street cars in Melbourne and they’re both coming to Street Machine Drag Challenge this year. Both Adam Rogash and Luke Foley are DC veterans, Luke has been at every Drag Challenge since the first event in 2014 and Adam joined the party in 2015 with the NOSHOW HSV Clubsport and has been at every DC since.

Last year Adam built the ALLSHOW VK Commodore, the sequel to NOSHOW. Running a similar twin-turbo Dart LS Next motor as NOSHOW, the VK has run deep into the seven-second territory on 275 radials. For this year Adam has made a few changes to the car, including upping the cubes on the motor to over 440ci, changing gearbox and diff ratios as well as adding more sensors for traction control and longer travel rear shocks.

 And on the other side of the workshop, Luke Foley has completely revamped his VH Commodore – Garrett turbos are pretty much all that remains. Luke ran low eights on an alloy 6.0-litre GM block last year, which was an impressive feat in itself, but now he has stepped up to a Dart 427 built by Powerhouse Engines. Backing the motor is a new TH400 auto and nine-inch rear end, while the ECU is now a Holley unit. Luke has also repainted the thing in a stunning two-tone blue over silver, and remade his roll cage in Chrome Moly rather than steel.

After getting the car fired up for the first time earlier this week, it was straight onto the dyno where it made a cool 1019rwhp on wastegate boost pressure.

A couple days later Adam had ALLSHOW on the dyno sorting out the CO2 boost control and making some power. With bullhorn pipes and the rest of the changes made for this year, Adam wants to run a lot more boost but unfortunately the chassis dyno had other ideas! From around 16lb onwards, ALLSHOW wheel spun on the dyno which made it impossible to get a decent power reading, even with hard compound tyres.

We’ll see both Adam and Luke’s cars in action on Friday for the Calder Park test and tune just before Drag Challenge kicks off on Sunday.