Supercharged LS1-powered Camaro at Drag Challenge Weekend 2018 – Video

Unfortunately Luke Cullen's Chevy Camaro never made it past day one of Drag Challenge Weekend

Photographers: Nathan Jacobs

AT THE inaugural Street Machine Drag Challenge Weekend in Queensland, we had plenty of race cars that could easily double as show cars. Stuff like Brodie Olsen’s Torana, Ben Vlekken’s VH Commodore and Dave Williams’s PSIPREM were really immaculate builds with just as much thought in the engineering work as the presentation.

 Luke Cullen’s Chevy Camaro, which he entered in the Turbosmart Dial-Your-Own class, is another one of those cars. With big-inch billet wheels, tidy bodywork and a heavily customised interior, it’s a car that’s big on details. It was built around seven years ago and originally packed an LS1 and T56 manual combo. A few years later Luke got the itch for more grunt and added an under-bonnet blower into the mix.

It’s a cool street cruiser and Luke has clocked up around 7000 kays in it since it was built.

 Just before Drag Challenge Weekend, Luke decided to go with an automatic gearbox to try and eke out some more straight-line performance, swapping the T56 for a Hughes Performance 4L80E. Luke hoped to see low 11-second quarters out of the 1900kg heavyweight Camaro, but handed in a [email protected] at the end of Day One’s racing at Willowbank.

 Unfortunately the Camaro only made it 30 minutes down the road from Willowbank before the fuel pump gave up the ghost and put Luke out of the event. Luke came back to Willowbank on the final day in his daily driver VFII Clubsport Tourer for a bit of fun.