Drag Challenge Weekend 2019 dates announced and new classes

The Drag Challenge concept is heading back to Queensland for the toughest long weekend you can have in your street car

Photographers: Chris Thorogood

THREE days, three tracks and well over 600kms; that is what awaits entrants of Street Machine Drag Challenge Weekend, 3-6 May.

We’re heading back to Willowbank and Warwick again, but we took it pretty easy on entrants last year when it came to the road trip so we’re upping the ante – figure on around 600-700km this time around.

We also reckon there’s going to be a lot more entrants, so we’re checking everyone in on Friday 3 May at Willowbank Raceway and then hitting the starter on Saturday 4 May for Day One. The field will then head to Warwick for Sunday racing via our mandatory route, which will definitely be the long way. No short cuts!

Day Three will be back at Willowbank on the Monday 6 May public holiday and we’ll finish up with trophy presentations and crown a new DCW winner.

 And there are some exciting new additions to the Drag Challenge class structure. We’re adding a new pair of new 235 classes and there’s a new six cylinder class as well. The 235 radial classes are self-explanatory; the maximum tyre size will be 235 and we’ll have a class each for blown and naturally aspirated. For the six pot guys, they can run up to a 275 tyre and we figure we will see bunch of Barras, Nissan RBs and Toyota J-series sixes coming out to play.

 Can Mark Van der Togt and his XW make it two for two? Or will we see a new hero emerge?

In the meantime book your holidays, get someone to cover your shifts or just tell the boss, “Sorry mate, I’m going racing!”

Entries are now open. But before you enter, make sure you check out the rules, here.

Thanks mightily to our class sponsors, who make all this possible!

K&N Dial-your-Own

Pacemaker Headers Radial Aspirated

Haltech Radial Blown

Turbosmart Outlaw Blown

Tuff Mounts 235 Blown

XR6 Turbo Developments Six Cylinder