Drag Challenge Weekend 2019 entries open now!

Entries for Street Machine Drag Challenge Weekend are now open


WE are live! Entries for Street Machine Drag Challenge Weekend are now open. In case you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know what Drag Challenge is, you can click here for the full rundown, but essentially it’s a bunch of like-minded drag racers driving their cars between tracks, helping each other along the way and having a bloody good time.

Drag Challenge weekendDrag Challenge Weekend is our first of two DC events for 2019, spanning four days instead of six at the full fat Drag Challenge. If you’ve never done Drag Challenge before, this is a great way to ease yourself into the chaos.

Drag Challenge weekendDrag Challenge Weekend will be on 3-6 May 2019 and like last year, it will be based in Queensland and we’ll travel from Willowbank Raceway to Warwick Dragway and back to Willowbank across three days. The first day is for you to complete all of your paperwork and have your car scrutineered before the action happens.

Drag Challenge weekendWe’ll have a check in day on Friday 3 May at Willowbank Raceway, with racing commencing on Saturday 4 May. On Sunday we’ll have day two of racing at Warwick’s eighth-mile drag strip before returning to Willowbank on Monday for the final day’s racing. The Monday is a public holiday in Queensland because it’s the Labor Day long weekend.

As usual, Scotty will set a route, with mandatory photo stops along the way. The route for this year’s event will cover at least 650km of road driving between the tracks.

Drag Challenge weekendWe’re also introducing a couple of new classes for this year: a pair of 235 tyre classes and a dedicated six-cylinder class. So there will be 235 Radial Blown and 235 Radial Aspirated classes which are fairly self-explanatory – maximum tyre width of 235mm, no slicks. Then there’s the XR6 Turbo Developments Six-cylinder class – for anyone with a six-pot and a 275 or smaller radial tyre. The rest of the class info can be found here.

If this all sounds like fun, then enter by clicking here! The cost for the whole deal is $350.

Drag Challenge weekendThanks mightily to our class sponsors, who make all this possible!

K&N Dial-your-Own

Pacemaker Headers Radial Aspirated

Haltech Radial Blown

Turbosmart Outlaw Blown

Tuff Mounts 235 Blown

XR6 Turbo Developments Six Cylinder