Drag Challenge 2019 Day Two gallery

A massive gallery of images from day two of Drag Challenge 2019

Photographers: Shaun Tanner, Luke Hunter

ONE of the best things about Drag Challenge is the amazing photo opportunities it provides. On the track, on the road or in the pits, our staff always produce thousands of killer images.

This year is no exception and here’s a gallery from day two at Mildura’s Sunset Strip. You can check out the video and results list here, but if you are a fan of K&N DYO, here’s an update from the footbrake racing brigade.

Day Two of Drag Challenge sets the scene for K&N DYO contenders who’ve set their dial-in and battle it out in an attempt to get close to that time. With Day One’s quarter-mile slip divided by 1.555 to get the equivalent time over the eighth-mile.

Leading the pack is Radeladian Nick McNeil in his nicely turned out 393ci Clevo powered XD Falcon who unbelievably had never drag raced before Day One. Nick belted out an 11.332sec dial in, followed by a tight 7.286 – a 11.329 equivalent.

Nipping at Nick’s heels – only 0.006sec behind – is the luminous green ’71 Fairlane of Scott Rowell. The 393ci motivated big Ford boogied to a dial in of 11.068@124mph and was backed up with a 7.123se,c an 11.076sec by calculation.

2018 K&N DYO podium finisher Steve Grima was keen to close the gap in his stout VK Calais. And he’s done a stellar job too, running a 6.793sec eighth on a 6.799sec equivalent from yesterday’s 10.573 putting him in third. Queen of consistency Alysha Teale set herself an 11.29@121 mph which had her chasing a 7.621sec run today. “I’ll keep going, I’m pretty determined,” Alysha said, though she ran too fast with a best of 7.179sec late in the night placing her in 33rd from a field of 63 entries.

Forever the showman, Noel Inman’s wheel-standing Tall T didn’t disappoint with smokey burnouts and cheeky wheel lifts. Noel laid down a 7.244sec on a 11.146sec dial in, putting him in 30th position. But with DYO anything could happen by the end of Day 3 we may well be looking at a different leader board.


  CalderMildura Day 2
Nicholas McneilXD Falcon11.332121.697.28689.7711.32973-0.00227
Scott RowellFairlane11.068124.937.12395.7111.07627-0.00826
Steven GrimaVK Calais10.573135.516.793110.7410.56312-0.00989
Jason DavidsonOne-Tonner11.37899.497.32497.7611.38882-0.01082
Steven GorieFord XW12.837108.068.24685.8212.82253-0.01447
Kyle BreedHolden VN13.134108.128.45676.8313.14908-0.01508
Antonino (Tony) MuscaraMustang10.238135.866.594110.0510.25367-0.01567
Brett SmytheTorana LX SS11.93113.057.65788.5411.90664-0.02337
Kevin CoxHK Wagon10.155134.396.555102.5110.19303-0.03802
Luke GrahamXT Fairmont11.431122.647.32696.0611.39193-0.03907
Richard VerbeekHolden HK11.495121.567.36395.6111.44947-0.04553
Paul TurnerHolden HQ11.396120.027.29996.3511.34995-0.04606
Tom WrighHG premier11.193127.357.2398.8811.24265-0.04965
Anthony RaschellaPlymouth Duster12.28113.887.93288.0512.33426-0.05426
Dave CurtisVN commodore11.759121.17.5265.9811.70293-0.05607
Clive PolidanoHZ Kingswood12.776108.958.17786.1312.71524-0.06077
Cam ScottHolden WB12.369110.857.90983.6712.2985-0.07051
Ben WalkerValiant11.263121.927.1996.4311.18045-0.08255
Rob BertramChev 21011.327127.987.338100.0811.41059-0.08359
Craig WalkerFord XD11.201125.497.2576.211.28464-0.08363
Damien ReevesXT Fairmont11.041125.977.03993.4110.94565-0.09536
Glenn ArcherCelica RA2811.242122.677.16896.8711.14624-0.09576
Matt CareyVZ Ute11.227124.377.158100.6411.13069-0.09631
Matthew TomkinsHolden HT10.223135.916.637107.7710.32054-0.09753
Noel InmanFord Center Door11.146116.197.24494.3711.26442-0.11842
Geoff StoneNissan Patrol14.48295.039.23774.2414.36354-0.11847
Daniel GrimaChev Belair11.605118.977.3862893.5611.48567-0.11933
Alysha TealeHolden HQ11.29121.97.17996.211.16335-0.12666
Chris FrancisHJ Monaro12.847104.888.34480.2212.97492-0.12792
Bruce ChristianLandcruiser11.257116.717.32692.0311.39193-0.13493
Damien KempFairlane11.196123.557.11198.3311.05761-0.1384
Andrew HainesHolden HT13.81899.778.98575.2513.97168-0.15368
STEWART RICHARDSONHolden WK14.42179.249.16292.7214.24691-0.17409
Lyle LaveryCaprice V11.127128.667.042101.8210.95031-0.17669
Stuart SuterFalcon15.22393.299.90462.615.40072-0.17772
Jason EganCommodore VE10.892129.327.12295.8311.07471-0.18271
Campbell FarmerCamaro12.574114.758.21590.3712.77433-0.20032
Ben BrownVE SS Commodore11.46123.917.22999.3511.2411-0.21891
Steve NightingaleFalcon11.265122.337.09896.9411.03739-0.22761
Jamie KnightHZ Premier11.1498.697.311101.1911.36861-0.2286
Brett McDonaldHSV GTS9.709146.596.083118.449.459065-0.24993
Ronald DawesHZ ute12.91112.428.4785.5513.17085-0.26085
Dale PalmerHolden HQ13.2761058.71282.6413.54716-0.27116
Jamie EganFG XR6 Turbo12.51116.78.25196.0212.83031-0.3203
Wayne RobertsLJ Torana12.984104.878.14183.8912.65926-0.32475
Dominic ZitoVF Commodore13.433107.938.85285.5413.76486-0.33186
Enoch BaileyFalcon15.90988.7310.45769.7916.26064-0.35164
Darren VartuliVZ One-Tonner11.925117.57.90286.0912.28761-0.36261
Scott MckenzieHolden FE11.078123.496.88396.6710.70307-0.37494
Tim BennettsFalcon12.328117.998.17689.1712.71368-0.38568
Lewis MasonCommodore11.868122.467.38299.511.47901-0.38899
Adrian NichollsCamaro Z2811.617118.947.77493.3212.08857-0.47157
Daryl AmeyHG ute11.688123.057.16797.4811.14469-0.54332
Russell piggottMustang13.883101.598.51782.213.24394-0.63907
Grant DwyerVH Valiant Hard Top12.62590.647.70490.0211.97972-0.64528
Paul MulcahyVH Commodore12.2591.278.78263.8513.65601-1.40601
Wes ParkerHolden Berlina12.26398.469.04775.7114.06809-1.80509
Veton KulafiGen F 2 GTS10.768132.4  0-10.768
Daniel HoweFord XE S Pack10.83297.34  0-10.832
Bill MartlandVR SS Commodore11.859114.97  0-11.859
John KalantzisHSV GTSR11.931117.83  0-11.931
Dale KoschelHSV Maloo27.25543.098.28593.3212.88318-14.3718
Rob ForteFalcon GT      
Adrian PittsCommodore      
Mark DrydenFord BF Utility      
Adam BoysHJ One-Tonner      
Simon JonesWillys Roadster      
Paul PentlandFord XD      
Shae KemloMitsubishi Triton      
Peter KostrevskiVW Golf      
Marcus LeaCortina      
George EleftheriadisChev Belair      
Andrew FloodHolden Premier      
Jesse AdamsMustang