Drag Challenge 2018 Overall Results

We’ve finally crunched the numbers to bring you the full overall results for Drag Challenge 2018


DRAG Challenge 2018 was not only a challenge for competitors, but it tested the fortitude of organisers as well; over 200 entrants, more than 1300km, seven days (including set-up), five tracks, five classes and three different track lengths made for a near-impossible task. So when people asked where they came overall, in most cases the answer was: “We don’t know!” Until now.

HQ MonaroTo get an overall result for all classes meant inputting the same track data for all 150-odd finishers over the five days of competition, and nobody was putting their hand up to do the job. But then young Raf Heriot, our latest work experience whipping boy, wandered into the office and asked for something to do. So we set him up with an Excel spreadsheet and put him to work inputting enough numbers to give Pythagoras an aneurysm.

With the blown classes running over 1000ft at Calder Park, we elected to convert the quarter-mile Calder times for the aspirated and DYO classes into 1000ft times as well, in order to bring everyone into parity, and now we know exactly where everyone finished.

HDT Panel VanWe can say with absolute certainly that the Top 10 didn’t change; Alon Vella came 11th. Guys like Daniel Cassar in his ’32 Ford coupe have snuck into the Top 30, along with Peter Haravitsidis and Nathan Ghosn. From there on down it’s a mix of the quicker aspirated cars and the slower blown machines, with the DYO guys and girls filling out the lower sections of the chart.

So look on ye works and rejoice – or lament, as the case may be. Here are the overall results for Drag Challenge 2018.

1.70Frank MarcheseFordXW33.224
2.52Harry HaigHoldenHQ33.374
3.74Lorenzo GullottoHoldenVL Commodore33.906
4.274Adam RogashCommodoreVK34.047
5.239John RiccaHoldenBT134.673
6.57Matt LampardHoldenKingswood36.448
7.80Ben VlekkenHoldenCommodore36.609
8.255Mark Van Der TogtFordXW37.198
9.18David BestHoldenVY Commodore37.405
10.257Alex MoshopoulosFordXY GT37.742
11.58Alon VellaFordCapri37.848
12.92Nathan JehuHoldenCaprice38.471
13.37Rodney BrowittHoldenHQ38.687
14.212Mark MillsHoldenTorana39.276
15.108Nick SiderisHoldenVH Commodore39.337
16.110Andrew McQualterHoldenHQ wagon39.58
17.98Phillip EdmondsonFordFalcon XB coupe40.184
18.53Blake EvansHoldenCommodore40.231
19.46Shane NeumannFordFalcon ute40.478
20.160Ben TaylorChevCamaro40.816
21.112Marcus HoweFordFalcon40.91
22.251John HuysmansFordFalcon41.142
23.259Mark TalbotFordCapri41.776
24.228Brad KellyHoldenVZ Thunder41.823
25.254Chris GoftonHoldenHQ Monaro42.084
26.260Cory ReadFordFalcon42.263
27.140Daniel CassarFord’32 coupe42.605
28.176Peter HaravitsidisFordFalcon GT42.749
29.87Nathan GhosnFordCapri42.797
30.90Dusty BensonHoldenVC Commodore42.853
31.91Dean SoderblomHoldenLX Torana42.889
32.233Mark BusscherHoldenHQ One Tonner42.921
33.3Joshua GrantHoldenVB Commodore42.933
34.124Scotty OwenHoldenCommodore SS42.973
35.186Jason WalterFordXY ute43.181
36.209Tim SullivanHoldenHJ43.194
37.21Jarrod WoodFordFalcon43.217
38.115Mark WhitlaFordCapri43.31
39.111Keith HardsChevroletCamaro43.338
40.5Jake EdwardsHoldenTorana43.366
41.29Greg RichardsFordFairlane43.392
42.168Donnie ZurcasHoldenEK43.483
43.117Randall MortierHoldenVK Calais43.526
44.190Pete HamiltonHoldenVY ute44.354
45.23Jay RobinsonMazdaCapella44.369
46.154Mitchell PullenToyotaHiLux44.666
47.95Dave RogersHoldenHK GTS Monaro44.957
48.145George HaddadFordXR Falcon44.966
49.249Steve GrimaHoldenVK Calais44.974
50.28Michael TitmarshFordTD Cortina45.154
51.273Jason WayeCommodoreVS ute45.336
52.131Adrian AbelaFordXH panel van45.543
53.141Jon MitchellDodgeChallenger45.671
54.25Brad DavisMercedesC6346.085
55.119Mark JohnstoneHoldenVH Commodore46.343
56.6Scott LevyChevroletEl Camino46.892
57.200Paul ToppingHoldenVF HSV Clubsport47.074
58.258Chris ThompsonHoldenDirector47.137
59.252Barry HallCommodoreVL47.275
60.142Michael RohalHoldenCommodore47.419
61.17Warick MeldrumChevroletCamaro47.434
62.69Andrew NatoliHoldenVK47.563
63.47Matt CareyHoldenVZ47.604
64.12Matt HohenhausFord FalconXM47.711
65.235Stephen WilliesFordRanchero47.728
66.105Joseph FreireToyotaCressida47.728
67.144Patrtick LawlerValiantAP647.747
68.153Glenn ArcherToyotaCelica47.85
69.19Clive PolidanoHoldenKingswood47.944
70.9Steve NightingaleFordFalcon48.004
71.167Joshua EdeHoldenVX Commodore48.03
72.13Damien ReevesFordXT Fairmont48.283
73.237John KerrMercuryComet48.381
74.174Peter GibbsHoldenVK48.409
75.196Kevin O’NeillHoldenFE48.41
76.61Peter KarayannisHoldenV2 Monaro48.44
77.78Greg MasonChevEl Camino48.49
78.106Les WaightHoldenHQ Premier48.503
79.248Alysha TealeHoldenHQ48.558
80.203Scott McKenzieHoldenFE48.676
81.109Matt ForbesHoldenVC Commodore48.868
82.194Kevin CoxHoldenPremier48.927
83.204Phil AndrewsFordMustang48.927
84.116Matthew TomkinsHoldenKingswood49.058
85.236Peter NayHoldenVZ SS Thunder ute49.201
86.42Bill EwingFordMustang49.205
87.202Paul KentFordFairmont49.207
88.107Rob BertramChevrolet’5749.24
89.178Karen BawdenValiantVF hardtop49.485
90.165Tim AcklandFordZC Fairlane49.492
91.35Tim RhoneFordXP Falcon hardtop49.66
92.223Bruce HowieFordFalcon ute49.763
93.24George HatziFordFalcon49.781
94.137Rick VerbeekHoldenHK49.784
95.150James GrahamHoldenVH SL/E49.928
96.238Justin MitchellHoldenHQ Kingswood50.146
97.1Danny MooreHSVClubSport50.206
98.148Daniel GrimaChevroletBel Air50.404
99.179Rod KerrHoldenTorana50.408
100.227Luke GrimaHoldenTorana50.663
101.180Chris OliverFordXT50.665
102.22Anthony BurnsFordFalcon50.696
103.219Joshua ChiefaloMercedes-BenzE23050.72
104.246Darren ParkerHoldenVF Sportwagon50.801
105.149Simon JonesWillysroadster50.85
106.20Robert ColombaniChevroletCamaro51.121
107.68Shane & Carly DaleHoldenHZ51.353
108.15Jason DavidsonHoldenOne Tonner51.368
109.143Grant GrechHoldenTorana51.42
110.184Chris MartinChevCamaro51.589
111.10Daryl AmeyHoldenHG51.658
112.49Matthew VellaHoldenHT Kingswood51.882
113.39Brett SmytheHoldenTorana LX SS51.896
114.232Murray KellyHoldenHT52.167
115.2Chris ImlachChevNova52.203
116.65Kris AllanHoldenHG52.367
117.175Benjamin ReuschHoldenVE52.388
118.104Matthew RobinsonHoldenHT Premier52.491
119.129Mark DrydenFordBF ute52.729
120.86Grant DwyerChryslerVH Valiant hardtop52.768
121. 191Cam ScottHoldenWB53.32
122.183John UrquietaValiantCharger53.331
123.7Zaaron TitmarshFordAU Falcon wagon53.474
124.62Nathan DawkinsFordFalcon53.594
125.216Jim SakellFactory Five hot rod’33 tudor53.637
126.261Luke HadfieldFordFalcon utility53.821
127.59Rod LyallHoldenLC Torana53.912
128.192James VintonFordFalcon XR6 Turbo54.081
129.54Dave CurtisCommodoreVN54.389
130.264John PolkinghorneMazdaRX-254.432
131.36Lewis MasonHoldenCommodore54.474
132.11Paul MulcahyHoldenVH54.673
133.133Scott HoreHoldenHQ55.288
134.93Anthony SellickFordFalcon55.414
135.159Andrew WheatleyHoldenStatesman55.462
136.41Mick HeawoodChevroletNova wagon55.595
137.118Sarah HeaneyFordFalcon55.914
138.72Carolyn RosserHoldenCommodore56.269
139.247Adam DavisFord FPVTornado57.208
140.126Andrew MilneFord’34 pick-up57.542
141.8Ben WalkerChryslerValiant57.846
142.34Dale PalmerHoldenHQ57.955
143.60Mark BarberHoldenLJ Torana58.42
144.51Rob ThorpeFordXF59.024
145.85Dominic PelleChryslerSigma59.409
146.122Scott WhitleyHoldenCommodore59.712
147.181Brenton MillerChryslerKB Centura59.933
148.272Dave ChappleHoldenHK Monaro61.085
149.101Rod JonesFordhot rod sedan61.4
150.271Ash HendyHoldenHJ One Tonner63.474
151.171Steve HutchinsHoldenHX Kingswood63.938
152.134Riccardo PontonioHoldenCommodore65.869
153.138Stephen HyslopHoldenUC Torana71.879