440-cube 1972 Plymouth Duster

Killer 1972 Duster takes on Drag Challenge 2019

Photographers: Chris Thorogood

SOUTH Aussie Anthony Raschella has been a passenger in past Drag Challenge events, so he reckoned that it was high time bang out the five-dayer himself. And he’s brought his retro race-look ’72 Duster along for the ride.

The Petty Blue coupe came into Anthony’s possession earlier this year via a trade-in at his Just Muscle Car business. “I had to go through the whole car just fixing other peoples fuck ups,” he says. During which Anthony discovered the original build sheet under the backseat, which he’s left it in situ. Don’t worry he’s also added track-worthy mods such as a tacho and high mounted shifter so that his wife Kylie can also steer the American beauty.

“It’s a cruiser; I’ve finessed the car and then driven it,” he explains, though come June he decided to make it a Street Machine Drag Challenge K&N DYO contender. “I decided to have something with a bit of comfort for DC and naturally it had to have chrome bumpers and be something tough. Now I’m here to enjoy the Drag Challenge circus,” Anthony laughs.

Under the factory hue resides a 440ci kitted out with E-Street Edlebrock heads, Edlebrock manifold topped by a Holley 750DP and ignited by an MSD 6AL. Behind is a 904 trans with a stage-two kit and 3500 stall, while the nine-inch houses streetable 3.55 gears.

For whoa Anthony has bolted Wilwood discs to all four corners, which reside behind single beadlocked Weld V Series. Mickey Thompson ET Street 235s take up the rear.

Modern race niceties coupled with full race stripes has the Duster looking fast sitting while still – and it can pull a decent time too. “I recently raced it at Whyalla on a 41 degree day and run a 7.8sec over the eighth-mile,” Anthony says, giving a hint of what to expect from the Duster this week. Though, a week may well be all that Antony has to enjoy the car. “I might sell it after Drag Challenge, we’ll see.”



Class: K&N DYO


Engine: 440ci
Transmission: 904
Converter: 3500rpm
Diff: 9in, 3.55:1 gears
Power: N/A
Previous PB: 7.80sec eighth-mile
Best Drag Challenge 2018 Pass: N/A