Best new products from SEMA 2021

We suss out some of the top new products from the 2021 SEMA Show in Las Vegas


While the SEMA Show 2021 was a bit smaller than usual, it was still a huge event with many killer new products making their debut. Here are seven that caught our fancy!

1. Edelbrock introduced a new street/strip carburettor, the VRS-4150. Unlike the brand’s better-known AFB-based units, these share a more conventional Holley-style arrangement with a pair of float bowls hung off the side of a four-barrel throttle, with metering blocks in between.

The focus is on ease of adjustments for idle, cruise and power conditions, with the high-speed/main fuel circuit split into two bleed circuits – one each for the lower and upper sections – along with a separate intermediary fuel circuit for further fine-tuning and crisp throttle response. There’s also a provision for a GM-style TPS sensor, making datalogging or transmission control much simpler.

2. Edelbrock is also introducing a new intake plenum for the Ford 7.3L V8, though no power figures are available yet.

3. Speaking of the 7.3L ‘Godzilla’ motor, it also saw intake solutions from Indy Power Products. The company showed off its billet aluminium intercooler intake for boosted applications, along with a 4150-style plenum. Also on offer was a narrow-fit accessory drive to shrink down the 7.3L’s frontal area.

4. AFR’s newest offering is its line of Gen III Hemi heads, both with as-cast 180cc and CNC-cut 210cc ports, the latter of which is claimed to support intake flow numbers of 370cfm at .650-inch lift. Minor revisions to the valvetrain geometry were also made, too, for large-lift cams and additional high-rpm stability.

5. Comp Cams is introducing a new line of lifters, the Evolution series. The concept here is to no longer use the body of the lifter as the hydraulic piston that inflates to take up lash, instead thickening the walls and using a compact hydraulic lifter cartridge. The pinky-sized cartridge handles all the oil control duties for maintaining lash, and with the hydraulic portion of the body shrunk down, clearances can be tighter. The smaller oil volume required to inflate the lifter benefits high-rpm stability, too. It’s also user-serviceable, so you’ll no longer have to send them to Comp whenever maintenance is needed.

6. There was a lot of EV tech on the floor, but perhaps the most interesting solution was the cast-aluminium cases for hiding motors and inverters in hot rods by Webb Motorworks. This particular one was a mock-up of the Lincoln Zephyr V12, but there’s a small-block Chevy facade on offer as well. It’s a tricky proposition for some gearheads – it’s a crafty illusion, but is it wrong to emulate the powertrain you’re replacing? Either way, the castings look sharp and certainly a bit more interesting than the wired-up beer-keg appearance of a typical EV motor.

7. Aussies were thin on the ground at SEMA on account of international travel restrictions, but Aussie products still managed to kick some arse. Having already scored a New Product Award at SEMA 2019 for its then-new eWG electronic wastegate range, Turbosmart nabbed a couple more dust-collectors at this year’s event. The Aussie brand launched its innovative new StraightGate50 eSG50 wastegate at the show, and in the process managed to score the Best Engineered New Product and Best Performance-Racing New Product awards. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!