A diesel-powered, chopped and airbagged 1950 Cadillac to tow a boat? Why the hell not!

Photographers: Alastair Ritchie

THE guys at Wet Sounds Marine Audio put killer sound systems into fully customised wakeboard boats, but unlike most people, they’re not happy to tow it with a regular 4WD or SUV. Nope, a slammed and chopped ’50 Cadillac coupe is a much better choice for the job, so they teamed up with Rod Neilsen from Hot Rods Restos to come up with a custom Caddy fit for the job.

While the old 331ci OHV originally fitted to the car was a good engine in its day, towing a fully loaded 2017 Tige RZ2 required a little more pulling power. “ It’s a Cummins 5.9 twin-turbo, nitrous, cryo and meth-injected. Has about 800hp at the wheels and close to 2000lb-ft of torque at the wheels, every body panel has been modified, chopped, stretched and all done in suede black with copper plating,” says Rod.

He continues: “I like to build stuff a little off the hook, a little crazy. It’s got a hidden hitch on the back, it’s all 8-lug, one-ton suspension, it’s designed to tow a wakeboard boat for the company but be a full custom sled. It lays frame front to rear when it airbags out, it’s all on Ridetech suspension. Has hydroboost braking, four-wheel disc brakes. It’s pretty badass.”

Badass indeed, and although it’s not quite finished, still requiring glass and the bonnet—not that anyone’s complaining about the engine being on display—it was only in the build for two years part-time with the majority of the work being done in the last six months.

RL58542-SEMA-cadillac -2Behind the Caddy is the colour-matched Tige R2Z, which features some pretty cool custom touches as well, plus enough audio power to blow the boat behind you off the water!

RL58550-SEMA-Cadillac -2Rod Nielsen and his crew from Hot Rod Restos are based out of Abbotsford, British Columbia and they built the ’50 Cadillac for Texas-based Wet Sounds Marine Audio. Although it looks like a steam punk art piece, it’s been designed to tow a wakeboard boat behind it

RL58556-SEMA-Cadillac -3Vancity Plating were responsible for the amazing copper plating, which by the way, is a step in the process of chrome plating. We’re pretty sure this is how it’s going to stay