Video: Reuniting a VB Commodore with its original owner 43 years later!

Glenn Torrens undertakes a special mission to reunite his salvaged VB Commodore with its original owner


Pondering the history of our old machines is something pretty well all classic car owners do, and in this special video, Street Machine and Unique Cars contributor Glenn Torrens goes one step further, tracking down the original owner of his VB Commodore.

Glenn found this rather sad-looking 1979 VB in a paddock in Armadale in mid-2020. Many would’ve written it off as merely a rusty relic, but GT saw the potential in this factory 253 model and took the old girl home.

There’s an entire series documenting GT’s work in resurrecting the VB, which you can watch and read about here. We pick up the story not long after GT gets the car fit and on the road, and to celebrate that milestone, he set about tracking down the original owner, which meant a good old-fashioned road trip to regional NSW.

The VB came with the original books and owner’s manual, so GT already knew the original owner’s name and that the car had been purchased from the Holden dealer in Gunnedah.

At first it looked like he’d hit a bit of a dead end when the blokes at the current Holden dealer claimed the original owner was deceased.

Luckily for GT, that information turned out to be porkies, and a bit more local searching found him at a pub just outside Gunnedah, where the owner of said watering hole recognised the car.

From there the story gets really interesting (and a little bit heart-warming as well), so sit back, grab a coldie and watch GT take his new-to-him VB Commodore for a trip down memory lane.