Ron Howe's crazy twin-engine VW Type 3 gasser didn't make it into the SEMA proper, but he did steal the show at SEMA Ignited

Videographers: Josh Robinson

SEMA Ignited is the SEMA’s Show after party. Ron Howe’s Type 3 VW street gasser didn’t make it to the event proper, but it sure stole the show from at SEMA Ignited.

VW twin engine gasserRon and his family built the car in their home garage. “We had the car in the backyard and my eldest son suggested we build gasser out of it,” says Ron. “The initial plan was to fit a 454 Chev, but then we started thinking about mounting an air-cooled VW motor up front, which turned into using two.”

VW Gasser twin engineEach motor displaces at 2332cc, with four 48mm EMPI carbs. Ron estimates he’s seeing around 400hp. The driveline consists of a Quicktime bellhousing, Tremec five-speed, three-inch tailshaft and a 9-inch diff with Detroit Locker, 31-spline axles and 4.11:1 gears.

VW Type 3 Gasser twin engineRon has a vision for the car with candy paint, gold leaf-lettering, red Perspex windows and all the other classic 60s accoutrements, but reckons the patina look is getting such good reviews he may stick with it for now.

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