Inside Sean Muscat’s 2400hp radial Cortina

Haltech’s Scott Hilzinger gives us an in-depth look at Sean Muscat’s twin-turbo SBF-powered radial Cortina


EVER wondered how top-end radial cars manage to get down the track? In this video, Scott Hilzinger from Haltech takes us through some of the key factors involved in this deep-dive into Sean Muscat’s TC Cortina.

The car packs a 2400hp, 396ci small-block Ford with twin 88mm turbos, built by BK Race Engines, and has a PB of 4.43@167mph on 275 radials.

Scott gives us an overview of the engine set-up and takes us through such features as the transbrake, bump box, boost control and more.

Sean’s Cortina is one of the first cars on earth to be up and running with the new Haltech NEXUS R5 vehicle control unit (VCU). We’ll have an in-depth look at the NEXUS in the October issue of Street Machine, but the basic concept behind it is to bring the ECU and PDM (Power Distribution Module) together in one box. There are heaps of benefits in doing so, including simplified wiring, tuning and packaging.

Stay tuned for that, and enjoy the video!