Take your last ride in style – in a Chev-powered HT Holden hearse!

Videographers: Matt Reekie

THE only certainties in life are death and taxes, so why not make your last ride a good ’un in a Chev-powered HT Holden hearse with Hot Rod Funerals? Bruce Varley has owned his panel van for decades, and decided to convert it into a hearse 20-odd years ago to provide a way for deceased car enthusiasts to go to meet their maker in style.

Holden hearseBruce’s hearse is proudly built in the style of an old-school street machine, with a twin-headlight front end, flared guards, body kit, bonnet scoop and flame job, and it’s been stretched with the addition of a lazy axle at the rear. It’s also been dressed as an HK Brougham, to match Bruce’s mourning coach, which is also available for families.

“I think the funeral industry over the past 10 years has lightened up a hell of a lot, and they’re introducing new aspects into the funeral service. This is just one of those, the way I see it,” Bruce says. “We obviously don’t want that day to come, but if it does come and we can make it a little bit better for the family, that’s what we’re all about.”