Eight-second twin-turbo Torana hatch – Video

Checking out ASG Motorsports's twin-turbo LS-powered eight-second Torana street car


WITH the Bathurst 1000 just around the corner, the first thing that comes to mind when you think ‘Torana’ is probably Peter Brock’s factory-backed red-with-white A9X. While the Torana hatch’s circuit-racing record is cool, Queensland’s Aaron Gregory took that history lesson and built a stout machine that forgoes the guard flares and packs a twin-turbo LS.

 Having run a PB of 8.10@171mph, this street-and-strip weapon has some features that might surprise you. First of all, it retains a factory LS plastic intake manifold rather than a stronger billet or sheet-metal item with a larger plenum volume. Secondly, it doesn’t run an intercooler. Now that would be the norm if Aaron was running the car on methanol fuel or E85 with water-methanol injection, but he doesn’t – the car runs on plain old E85.

 The reason for no intercooler is it allows for more space up front for a large radiator, and without an intercooler restricting air flow through the radiator, it can be more efficient. Given the power levels and the times this car has run, it’s hard to argue with Aaron’s logic.

Aaron built the majority of the car himself with the help of mates and the guys that work at his company, ASG Motorsports. From the rollcage to the tubs, engine build and fabrication, they did it all bar the schmick custom interior.

You can read more about Aaron Gregory’s Torana in Street Machine LSX Tuner #8, on sale now!