FPV F6 Falcon with LPG engine makes 525kW – Video

John Carson-Wenmoth and Maxx Performance nursed his F6 BA Typhoon back to health with a few choice add-ons, picking up an extra 250kW along the way


WHEN John Carson-Wenmoth rescued this BA F6 Typhoon, he and his mates at Maxx Performance in Dandenong got to work. The car had been used and abused; lacking a reverse gear and much oil pressure, the driveline needed love.

Further inspection of the turbo Barra revealed badly scored bearings, leading John to swap in a scrapped FG’s dedicated gas motor and match it with FPV goodies up top. Obviously, this also meant a change of diet, the boys electing to roll on E85.

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John threw head studs, valve springs, 1000cc injectors and billet oil pump gears onto the otherwise stock LPG internals, while the whole unit is force-fed by a Garrett Gen II GTX3582 snail.

Dialled to 25psi of boost, the ex-gas Barra now spits out 525kW (704hp), a seriously impressive margin over the F6’s factory 270. To cope with all that extra demand, a surge tank with twin Walbro 525 pumps and an Xtreme ceramic clutch have found their way under the Typhoon.

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Prior to beefing up his fuel delivery system, John managed to record a respectable 11.2-second quarter-mile at Calder Park. Now that fuel surge issues have been squared away and John has some practice in wrangling the manual shifter, 10-second passes are well within sight.

This F6 is a testament to the Barra’s capabilities, proof that you can drag a commercial powerplant from a wreck, give it a touch-up, and launch it down the strip with neck-breaking force.

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