900hp big-block Hemi on the dyno – Video

We check out a 900hp big-block Hemi motor on the engine dyno and a take a tour around Adicted Performance


AS far as cool street car engines go, it doesn’t get much better than a tough aspirated big-block Hemi – they make huge power on pump fuel and can still be pretty docile on a cruise. That was the brief given to Con from Pro Race Engines, who screwed together this tough as nails 611ci big-block Hemi motor to go into a Dodge Challenger street car and he’s knocked it out of the park.

 Starting with an aftermarket Hemi block, it’s been stuffed with all the good gear and the comp measures up at a very street friendly 11:1. It’s topped off by a nice and compact intake manifold equipped with twin throttle bodies and two fuel rails because this donk is EFI and wired up with a Haltech Elite 2500 ECU. Spark is supplied by an ICE Ignition distributor and booster.

 Danko Knezevic and the boys at Adicted Performance in Hallam, Victoria wired and tuned the motor on their engine dyno where it produced some impressive numbers for an aspirated combo with low comp. All up it made 874hp at just shy of 7000rpm and 732lb-ft of torque around the 5000rpm mark – and that’s on regular 98 octane unleaded petrol. Best part is it cold starts like a new car and idles like a pussy cat. It’s going to be a tough combo once it’s in the car.