HK Monaro lookalike runs sevens at Brazilian drags


IT might look a little like a HK Holden Monaro, but this bare-metal warrior is actually a Chevrolet Opala from Brazil. The top-spec Opalas were powered by 250-cube straight-sixes and they remain popular on the drag strips of Brazil, many years after the car made its debut in 1969. And like Aussies, Brazilians seem to have a soft spot for the humble six-pot.

Jader Krolow’s Opala is said to be the quickest one around, recently scoring a new PB of 7.98 quarter at 192mph, making it the first Opala to crack the sevens.

What makes it even more impressive is the fact that the car still retains its 4.1-litre six-cylinder GM donk, controlled by a Brazilian-made Fueltech FT500 ECU. Boost comes from a massive 101mm Precision turbo. The Opala runs on a diet of methanol with about 20 per cent nitromethane tipped in to help it produce around 1500rwhp. And it puts all that power down through a set of 275 radials and shifts gears through a G-Force GF4A manual gearbox. Mental!

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