Ford’s SOHC XR6 donk is often forgotten but it's an engine that loves a bit of nitrous or boost and can deliver impressive performance!


THERE’S no doubt that Ford’s DOHC XR6 turbo motor (as seen in the BA, BF, FG and FX Falcons) has a tough reputation in the Australian performance scene, but don’t forget that the earlier SOHC engine can still deliver some impressive performances.

These engines love a bit of nitrous or boost, and they’ll cop a lickin’ and keep on ticking. There’s a reason they’ve been favoured by taxi drivers for the past twenty years.

Check out Louis’s ED XR6 in this awesome video from as it bumps into stage and then hazes the rear treads. The SOHC 4-litre straight six runs a massive GTX45 Garrett turbo with a 4in exhaust and a Microtech ECU tuned for E85 fuel. At 36psi boost it’s good for 755hp at the treads and has run 9.1 at 156mph. That’s one screaming six!

Why does the Falcon seem to jump several times before the start line? Louis is using a bump box attached to the transbrake in his Prestons Autos prepped-Powerglide.

A transbrake locks the transmission in first and reverse simultaneously which allows the driver to build revs or boost against the torque converter at the start line for the best possible launch, but this can take valuable seconds and if the start lights come down before you’ve reached full boost, there’s a good chance you’ll lose the race.

The bump box allows the driver to momentarily disconnect the transbrake so the vehicle can bump forward into the start line. This means the driver can build boost against the transbrake in pre-stage and then bump forward to break the stage beams with full rpm and boost available so when it launches it’s going as fast away from the line as it can.

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