Twin-turbo small-block powered LJ Torana – Video

Bob Golic is aiming for sixes with his twin-turbo small-block LJ Torana

Photographers: Will Horner

MOVING to a new engine combo is never a simple task and while the chassis might have coped with enough power for eight-second passes, throwing six-second power at it brings a whole host of challenges. That’s what Bob Golic found out at Grudge Kings last weekend where he was out testing his LJ Torana coupe with its new twin-turbo small-block for the very first time.

 Previously the car ran a ProCharged small-block which saw the LJ to a PB in the low eight-second range, but this new motor built by Pro Flo Performance is a whole different kettle of fish. The methanol-drinking small-block donk is boosted by a pair of 80mm turbos and the whole deal is controlled through a FuelTech ECU. Bob hopes to eventually run sixes with it.

 Being a fresh setup the guys were getting the suspension and boost curves all dialed in and it made for some pretty hairy rides for Bob. On one pass it turned into a tripod and went up on three wheels once it stepped out of the groove. By the end of the event they had a better handle on it and ran a best of 1.2-seconds to 60ft.