Turbo 2JZ-powered Nissan S13 Silvia runs sevens – Video

Nissan S13 Silvia street car runs sevens with a Toyota 2JZ turbo motor and independent rear suspension


MELBOURNE’S newest member of the seven-second club is Ender Esenyel from JDM Industries in Campbellfield. At Calder Park last Friday night Ender’s Toyota 2JZ-powered S13 Silvia comfortably laid down its first seven-second quarter-mile, running a 7.94 @ 164.9mph on 275 radial tyres.

 The Silvia is powered by a built Toyota 3.0-litre 2JZ, boosted by a Garrett GTX47 88mm turbo with Tonnka intake and exhaust manifolds, E85 fuel system and Haltech Platinum Sport 2000 ecu. On a massive 46psi the combo makes around 1200rwhp which hits the deck through a Preston Automatics two-speed Powerglide trans and factory independent rear suspension. Yep, the Silvia retains the original Nissan rear end, albeit with stronger axles and a R32 GT-R diff.

 The car was finished around ten months ago and Ender has been surprised by the rate of progress that him and his team have seen with the car. “We never intended to run sevens with the car,” said Ender. “We were happy running mid eights, then we went 8.25 in January and now we’ve cracked a seven!”

After going low eights, the boys did some hub dyno testing at Dyno House and the data showed that they picked up around 200rwhp from the last time it was on their in-house chassis dyno and at the track the car looked promising straight off the bat. “The first two passes we were just testing the bump box and shutting off early, but it was hooking up,” said Ender.

 The Silvia came out again later in the evening once the temperature had cooled off and she got out of the hole clean and went straight as you like for that seven-second time slip.