Tuning the turbo V8 POR440 Valiant at Haltech USA

Arby shakes some bugs out of the POR440 VG Valiant on the way to Drag Week 2018


WHAT was meant to be a simple two hour stop at Haltech’s Lexington, Kentucky facility turned into a day and a half of POR440 problem solving.After getting hooked up to the hub dyno, it seemed to be problem after problem for Arby. First a timing issue, then overheating had to be conquered in order to make a safe run on pump gas. With the sun having already well and truly set, Arby’s tuning session extended into Thursday for an E85 set up. The problems didn’t stop here, with a faulty coil pack and even a melted line to the boost controller hampering the operation. Eventually POR440 pumped out an 854hp at the hubs and Arby called it a day, with Atlanta beckoning.  Luckily, the tucker in this part of the country is pretty beaut! Check out this buffalo chicken sandwich with fried green tomatoes! And check out the next instalment here.