POR440 across the USA – update two

We ride with Arby on the first leg of his epic trip to Drag Week

Videographers: Luke Nieuwhof

LAST year, Mark Arblaster’s POR440 Valiant made its debut at Street Machine Drag Challenge.The VG ran flawlessly, with the guys from Haltech doing the steering duties, as Arby was busy with work.

Now, Arby is taking on Hot Rod Drag Week in the US, with the added challenge of driving the car across the country from the LA docks to the start of the event of Cordova International Dragway in Illinois.

Unfortunately, the car’s unblemished record on the road has taken a tumble almost straight away, with the car overheating under the bonnet and inside the cabin on the first day. It was a tough first day, but Arby found time to document it for us with his GoPro. Crack a cold beer and check it out!

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