Small-block Ford-powered XF Falcon ute goes 8.16@175mph

BK Race Engines-built twin-turbo XF Falcon ute goes low eights at the track


ON ONLY its third full pass, Dimitri Petrou’s XF Falcon ute has reeled off a convincing 8.16@175mph. Powered by a BK Race Engines-built 447ci Dart-blocked Windsor with twin Precision 76/75 turbos, she’s a heavy old girl at a portly 4280lbs!

“To run 175mph at that weight it’s making pretty good power,” said Bill from BK Race Engines. “We’re just trying to get it fast to the 60 at this stage; it’s only gone 1.4s so far, so we’re working on the front half and still have more power to put into it. It should be a 7.80 car on a good day, and the engine is probably capable of 1600-1700hp.”

The car originated as Dimitri’s work ute, and has been built up as a streeter. It drinks E85, retains a leaf-sprung rear end and is un-tubbed, running on 275 radials. The fab work was completed by Shane’s Chassis, the Powerglide transmission is from Protrans, and Gazzard Bros has assisted with the suspension setup.

The engine combo runs a Dart block and heads, with a Callies crank, Oliver rods, Diamond pistons, and a bullet camshaft, while engine management is handled by a Haltech Elite. Watch for sevens out of this heavyweight hauler in the not-too-distant future!