Paul Todarello’s twin turbo LX hatch stunned everyone with a 6.5-second pass at Sydney Dragway


WHILE Paul Todarello’s LX Torana hatch made its debut at Meguiar’s MotorEx 2013 – and starred on the cover of Street Machine, July 2014 – it only hit the track for the first time at Sydney Dragway last week, in the lead up to Po Tung’s Grudge Kings event.

Paul -Todarello -Torana -drag -1Paul has owned the car since he was 18 and with help from some of the best in the business, has turned it into a car with both elite-level build quality and weapons grade running gear. We’ll post the full feature on the car soon, but suffice to say, it runs a 557ci Pro Line Racing donk, with a pair of 88mm Precision turbos jammed behind the grille. The mechanical side of the car was masterminded by Paul Sant of Pro Flo Performance and Sant was on hand with the Pro Line crew to fine-tune the LX during testing. With Moits driver Paul Mouhayet in the driver’s seat, Torrie ran a string of backing-off 6.97@177mph passes as the team gathered vital test data.

Paul -Todarello -Torana -drag -2“The thing kept lifting the wheel’s mid-track so we had to add over 50lb of weight to the front of the car just to try and keep it down” said Todarello. The crew adjusted the travel of the front suspension and then wound the boost up to a staggering 60lb, resulting in Mouhayat pedalling the 3030lb black beauty to a [email protected] pass! The team was ecstatic with the result even though just after he crossed the finish line the reverse cowl bonnet flew off the car as a result of busted hinges.

Paul -Todarello -Torana -drag -3“The boys from PLR said that they will get this thing moving and predicted that it would run mid-sixes and they were spot on. I can’t thank them enough for all of their help” said Todarello. Future plans call more time on the drag strip and then Paul Todarello himself will get strapped into the race seat for the ride of his life!