Single-cam RB30 VL Commodore runs sevens – Video

Single-cam RB30 turbo VL Commodore street car runs deep into the sevens

Videographers: Fullboost

MATT Sims’s VL Commodore is one of the quickest single-cam RB30-powered VL Commodore street cars in the country, and it’s a genuine BT1. The 3.0-litre Nissan six runs forged internals, a solid camshaft and a Precision 8285 turbo, which on roughly 50psi helps the combo put out a healthy 1300hp to the rear treads.

It’s pretty common to see RBs with twin-cam Skyline cylinder heads making that power, but the SOHC RB30 heads tend to crack at those sorts of power levels, which makes Matt’s set-up even more impressive. Fuel and spark are handled by a Haltech Elite 2500 ECU that Matt tunes himself, and the whole deal runs on E85 juice.

 Backing up the RB is a two-speed Powerglide with a TCE converter and Pro9 nine-inch diff. As you’ll see in the video, Matt has really got his suspension dialled in, because it just hooks up and goes on the 275 radial tyres.

Matt had the car out last weekend at Sydney Dragway for Grudge Kings, where he did the test day on Friday and ran in the Small-Tyre Fighter class on Saturday. Having recently upgraded to the larger Precision 8285 turbo, straight away Matt saw a PB, running 7.89@174mph compared to his previous best of 7.95@168mph set at Sydney Dragway a couple of months ago. He then finished up the event with an even better 7.78@176mph.