Street-driven seven-second twin-turbo 440ci Clubsport goes even quicker!


ADAM Rogash and the boys at MPW Performance are really starting to get on top of the setup in the NOSHOW HSV Clubsport. Last year Adam stepped up from a 427 cuber with twin 69mm turbos – a combo that ran a 7.99-second quarter-mile – to a 440ci with twin 75mm turbos. The new setup makes a heap more grunt, but putting it all to the ground without blazing the tyres takes time, with suspension and engine tuning key to once again breaking into the seven-second zone.

Adam has recently made the switch over to Viking coil-over shocks and a McDonald Brothers Racing tubular front end, which provide infinite adjustability. We were down at MPW on Thursday night before Friday’s APSA test and tune session and Adam and the boys were just finalising NOSHOW’s engine tune on the dyno.

 A clean power run seemed near-impossible with the car making in excess of 1100rwhp and smoking the 275 ET Streets with every run. After letting the tyres cool for a good thirty minutes Adam gave it once last crack and she gripped, delivering 1130rwhp.

Friday night NOSHOW was set to kill and after a couple of crazy wheels-up launches it was clear the track was holding the power but two wheels isn’t the fastest way down the track. Adam pulled some power out at the start line and bingo – 7.94 @ 178mph, a new PB!

There was more to come at the APSA meet the next day. Early in the day Adam went 7.97 @ 175mph but later came the big surprise – a 7.80 @ 178mph hitting the limiter before the finish line!