Fast Holdens tearing it up at Heathcote Park Raceway

Photographers: Michelle Porobic

THE DTM Transmissions Holden-Powered Nationals took over Heathcote Park Raceway on the weekend, and what a killer turnout! Put on by Geelong lad and Street Machine Drag Challenge veteran Todd Foley, around 100 cars came out for the third running of the event. This time ’round there were classes to accommodate any cars that weren’t necessarily ‘Holden-powered’, so we had Chev and LS cars along with a smattering of Aussie V8s.

 Flying the flag for the Holden V8 was Brenden ‘Bubba’ Medlyn – last year’s Drag Challenge winner. While his car uses a much stronger Torque Power block rather than an original Holden donk, the motor still retains a lot of the original Holden engineering nous. Straight off the trailer the car went 7.94@184mph – unreal! – wearing Bubba’s new plates XDEATA, a nod to good mate Jason from Tunnel Vision and his Barra-powered XD Falcon. No other street car got close to sevens, but unfortunately Bubba thought he damaged something on his second run.

 Fellow Drag Challenge veteran Josh O’Brien had his ProCharged Holden 355-powered VP ute in the MPW Boosted Holden class. The car ran great all day but couldn’t beat Matt Dowdle and his VN SS in the final.

 Jason Cowan from Queensland took out the Outlaw class with his crazy LC Torana. Running an aspirated 440ci LS, it makes close to 700rwhp and runs low nines. Jess Beckham is also from Queensland and his similarly green LC Torana (pictured) really got our attention. This one runs a 434ci LS with direct-port nitrous injection, and ran a best of 8.84@151mph on the day.

 Mark Aldington and Luke Foley were flying the flag for the MPW boys. Luke’s 6.0-litre twin-turbo alloy-block VH went 8.65@166mph, while Mark’s ISFAIR VC is getting quicker with every pass, running 8.8@166mph.

As for the aspirated Holden-powered class, Philip Armstrong’s 11-second 355-powered blue VH cleaned up, beating Brian Bauch’s white VH.