Adam Rogash's ALLSHOW VK Commodore smashes into the seven-second zone


IF YOU’VE been following along with Adam Rogash’s ALLSHOW VK Commodore build both online and in the magazine, you’ll have picked up on the fact that we called it “7-second VK Commodore build”. This upset a few people because the car hadn’t actually run a seven-second pass at that point.

 The cover of this month’s Street Machine magazine reads “7-Second Club”, because we knew it was only a matter of time until ALLSHOW ran sevens. With the engine and driveline from Adam’s 7.8-second NOSHOW Clubby, but in a lighter car with superior suspension, we were confident we’d see the VK Brocky tribute in the seven-second zone in no time.

Sure enough, last Friday night Adam took the car out to the test and tune at Calder Park, and yep, ALLSHOW is now officially a seven-second car. After two full passes at Red CentreNATS and a handful of runs at Calder a couple of weekends ago, on its third ever outing ALLSHOW absolutely smashed its way into the sevens.

 The car’s second run of the evening was a 7.89@178mph, turning tyres through the top end. With the track in tip top shape despite rain the night before, Adam lined up for another go with a bit more start line rpm, and as soon as it left the line it looked quicker than any other pass I’ve seen from ALLSHOW or NOSHOW – we knew it was going to be a quickie! Sure enough it ran 7.75@180mph, again turning tyres through the top end!

To say Adam was over the moon with the result is an understatement and a testament to the hard work and late nights he, Luke Foley, John Pilla and everyone else involved put into this insane ten-week build. “I started to hate this thing to be honest, we put in all this work, I didn’t see my wife and kids and it wasn’t doing what we wanted, but now we’ve sorted it and I love it again,” laughed Adam.

 What changed between the last outing at Calder when the car just wouldn’t hook up and was skating all over the track and now? Adam went back to a 275/50 ET Street R radial – the tyres he used to run on NOSHOW as opposed to the 325/50’s the new VK originally wore. “We think the wider tyres were actually sucking up in the middle once they start spinning, because we saw heaps of wear on two thin strips of rubber either side of the tyre and barely any on the centre, so it made the car really hard to control.”

To top it all off, Adam decided to drive ALLSHOW the two hours from Calder Park back home, and then took it out again for Sunday breakfast with the family – because street car.

Check out the video to see how it all went down.