Matt Brame's nitrous assisted small-block Chev-powered LH Torana SLR runs eights at Heathcote


MATT Brame’s WHIPYA LH Torana is one of the toughest genuinely street driven aspo Toranas in Victoria, and it’s a genuine SLR too. It runs a 417ci Little M block stuffed with all the fruit which Matt sprays with a dual-stage Nitrous Express system. The first 300 shot kit comes on straight out of the gate and the second 100 shot kit can be turned on with the press of a button. All up she puts down 865rwhp on pump E85 juice.

 The Chev is backed up by an MDT Powerglide and nine-inch rear end that Mark Drew of Crusty Torana fame has tricked up. Before Matt brought the car up to Heathcote this weekend it had run a PB of 8.87 @ 159mph. Straight off the trailer, Matt set a new PB of 8.85 @ 160mph and then backed it up with an 8.72 @ 160mph.

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