Bubba's VH Commodore makes 1500rwhp, wins King Of The Hill, then runs sevens at Holden Powered Nationals - all in three days!


BRENDEN ‘Bubba’ Medlyn is the type of bloke to give everything a red hot crack. Whether it be blazing the tyres for miles at Powercruise or running sevens down the quarter, Bubba drives the hell out of his VH Commodore.

For those unfamiliar, the car runs a 370ci Torque Power Holden block with twin turbos, Powerglide, nine-inch, all the fruit – and it’s street-driven. Bubba has done Street Machine Drag Challenge twice, and is currently our reigning champion having won last year’s event.

 After breaking a rocker while laying lines at Powercruise earlier this year, Bubba gave the motor a tidy-up and had her ready for Calder Park’s King Of The Hill a couple of weekends ago. The boys got the car on Stix’s hub dyno at Quickbitz and Jason Ghiller from Tunnel Vision gave the Haltech ECU a fresh tune, resulting in a monstrous 1500rwhp!

Bubba then drove – not trailered! – his car from his workshop, All Race Fabrications in Dandenong, to Calder Park for the King Of The Hill meet. That’s a two-hour drive in Friday-afternoon traffic!

Bubba competed in the Street class, which means you need road tyres, mufflers and rego; he was always going to be a force to be reckoned with.

 In the end it came down to Bubba versus his mate and engine tuner Jason from Tunnel Vision in his Barra-powered XD Falcon in the final. Bubba got the jump off the line and just kept pulling away from Jason’s car right down to the timing boards. You’d think it’d be a given that Bubba’s car would win considering the handful of seven-second passes it has under its belt while Jason’s car has only recently broken into the eights, but in these heads-up grudge race scenarios it’s anyone’s game! And it must be pointed out that Jason’s car makes more horsepower per cube than Bubba’s.

 The next day Bubba rocked up at Heathcote Park Raceway for the Holden-Powered Nationals with his VH rocking new XDEATA number plates to wind up Jason. First run, fresh off the trailer – the trip to Heathcote is a bit more of a hike than Calder – the Commodore went 7.94@184mph! Talk about a good few days!