Video: Supermang hits Motorfest!

In this episode of Carnage, Scotty hits the pad in Supermang at Lardner Park Motorfest

Videographers: Matthew Bourke

Burnouts are a big part of Aussie car culture, and we here at Street Machine have literally spent decades covering Australia’s biggest and best burnout competitions.

Standing on the sidelines watching is great and all, but for this special episode of Carnage, Scotty decided that we should have a crack ourselves – how hard could it be?

We’ve got a few cars to choose from for such a task, but if you watched the last episode you’ll already know that Scotty picked the VN to burn rubber in the name of Carnage.

With 100 cars entered in the burnout competition at Motorfest, Scotty wisely chose to focus more on having fun than trying to chase silverware.

Friday’s bump-in day also gave drivers a chance to have a test skid before Saturday’s competition, so Scotty lined the VN up for what’d be his first proper competition burnout in 15 years.

The skid went all, save for the VN leaking a belly load of coolant on the pad at the end after blowing a coolant hose at the back of the engine.

Thankfully Tom Webster and his crew who were also running an L67-powered skid car managed to find a new hose for Scotty at the local Repco, so massive thanks to them for getting us back in the game.

So sit back, grab a coldie and watch Scotty blaze rubber in the Supermang!