Video: The Barra MX-5 gets nitrous!

In this episode of Carnage, Scotty fits giggle gas to our MX-5!

Videographers: Matt Hull

Our little Lightning McQueen wannabe has really stepped it up a notch in the last couple of months. Forged engine, bigger turbo, Haltech engine management and 822 freakin horses at the rear treads.

Unfortunately, as impressive as that shopping list is, it still hasn’t yielded the Mazda a new PB. Much to Scotty’s frustration its best still sits at a 9.04 @152mph, even with an extra 250rwhp to play with.

Regular viewers who saw last week’s episode will know the problem lies in the Mazda’s launch and 60-foot time. It can freight train it’s way down the track no problem, but even with two-step and a transbrake, that big turbo is struggling to build boost on the line. So, what’s the solution to that? Nitrous of course!

In this episode Scotty sets about fitting a 100 shot of dry nitrous onto to Mazda, which he can spray at the line to help the car build boost before he lets a go of that transbrake button and all hell breaks loose. It’ll be particularly important next year when he takes the Mazda racing at events like Kenda 660, where you don’t have half a year to build boost on the line.

Scotty runs is through all the little tips and tricks he has for setting up a nitrous kit, as well as the Fast & Furious-appropriate purge, because who doesn’t want a nitrous purge?

With the kit installed and configured, Scotty also set about fitting a new intercooler we’d been suppled by ProFlow. The old cooler was an eBay deal and doesn’t really cut it now we’re pushing over 1000hp at the crank. The new ProFlow one is not only bigger, but also features their cool delta fin design for added efficiency.

With all that done, it was time to head back to Heathcote, this time for their twilight test and tune to see if the nitrous was the missing factor to get that eight-second time slip. Make sure you tune in on Friday folks, because the next episode is going to be a cracker!