Video: Racing Dad’s Ute at Mopar Sunday!

In this episode of Carnage, Scotty hits the drag strip at Willowbank in Dad’s Ute for Mopar Sunday

Photographers: Ashleigh Wilson

Last week, we saw Scotty complete a huge 1800km road trip from Melbourne to Queensland’s Willowbank Raceway, with plenty of Carnage-appropriate mishaps along the way.

With all that said, he did make it, and in this episode it’s time to go racing! Scotty’s goal for Mopar Sunday was to go as many rounds as possible, and given he won his class at Mopar Nationals earlier in the year, he had plenty of reason to feel confident.

After a few test hits, though, Scotty found the VE wasn’t as sprightly as he’d like, but there was a good reason for that. The ute’s wiring and good dizzy had melted on the journey north, which meant that all the hours spent on the Maxx Performance dyno before Scotty left had gone out the window. As a result, he was tuning on the fly to get what he could out of the little 318 small-block.

Scotty made it through his first two rounds, hitting the brakes at the top end of the track both times to run a 14.3 and stay within his dial-in. In the third round, he came up against a super-consistent SRT Jeep, but both he and the Jeep driver jumped the gun and red-lighted.

Dial-in racing rules state that whoever jumps first loses, and unfortunately that was Scotty. Because he saw the red light as soon as he left, he just laid into the pedal to run a 14.0, but that brought an end to the action at Mopar Sunday for the old VE.

While he didn’t get a win or a PB, what Scotty achieved on the trip was still bloody stout. He and the Valiant had road-tripped 1800km north, completed five passes and then drove another 1800 kays back home.

Scotty has already pulled the ute apart in his pursuit of 12s, with the plan being to fit a new converter, properly manualise the auto and a few other sprinkles. So stay tuned for that and a whole bunch of other ripping Carnage content hitting your eyeballs soon!