Video: Dad’s Ute gets a shift kit

In this episode of Carnage, it’s time to beef up the VE Valiant’s Torqueflite for some better quarter-mile runs

Photographers: Matt Hull
Videographers: Matt Hull

We last saw Scotty’s dad’s VE Valiant ute motoring back from its gargantuan Mopar Sunday round trip, warts and all.

The experience, which included some quarter-mile action at Willowbank Raceway, left Scotty hungry for a 13-second ET, which proved just out of reach with the stock auto set-up.

So in this episode of Carnage, Scotty begins making some changes to the ute to get the most from the Mopar combo.

The ute is now copping a shift kit for snappier gear changes, plus a torque converter to improve the woeful 60-foot times recorded on the strip.

Draining and pulling the A999 Torqueflite ’box was the first job on the list, with the lock-up converter shipped off to TCE for the gurus to work their magic.

With that out of the way and the auto yanked, Scotty could install the B&M shift kit while explaining the finer points of difference between this A999 ’box and the older, more well-known 904.

Because the VE will be eating up road miles between racing sessions, he’s running with the ‘street and strip’ option rather than all-out race mode.

This Carnage ep isn’t intended to be a full how-to on shift-kitting a Torqueflite auto, but it’s a great insight if you’ve never got down and dirty with an auto transmission before.